Company Introduction

     LuxCreo is dedicated to 3D-printing industry covering software, equipment, material and comprehensive solutions. The company is powered by executives from top firms like McKinsey’s and technology brains from worldly renowned academies like Tsinghua University, University of Cambridge and Imperial College London.

     Years of research has brought us the disruptive "LEAP™" (Light Enabled Additive Production) technology. With outstanding micron-level precision, LEAP™ has also outperformed traditional printing speed by 100 times up to 120cm/h. Backed by this game-changing “LEAP™” technology, LuxCreo is building the 3D industry ecosystem that connects design, materials and production, while shaping the MAKE model with the perfect balance of customization and scale.

2018/12      2018 Zhongguancun International Frontier Technology Innovation Competition, Top 10

2018/10   SuGaoXin Cup The 5th China Youth Entrepreneurship Competition Business Growth Group Gold Reward

2018/09     2018 “MAKER IN CHINA” Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Entrepreneurship Competition Best Invention Award

2018/07    Elected to Tencent AI Accelerator Platform

2018/05     Excellent Enterprise Award in “DEMO CHINA” Frontier Tech Competition

2017/12      The 5th“DongSheng Cup “International Innovation Competitions” Grand Prize


Silicon Valley


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