Sports Product Field

LuxCreo leads the way into the field of athletic footwear, for the production characteristics of the soles and other parts. The technology allows the customers to design different force support areas through the change of sole shape, and meet the needs of different audience, in batch or customized.

Consumer Goods Field

For the expansion of consumer applications, to provide more imagination space

and to meet the needs of individual products, LuxCreo speeds up the iterative speed of consumer goods, affecting our consumption and life style, such as mobile

phone shell, frame, headphones, masks, insulation cup and the like.

Automobile Field

With LuxCreo's LEAP™ technology, the time consuming research and developing process can be avoided effectively. The production can be generated a whole,

and directly used in large-scale finished product manufacturing. More complex designing possibilities provide more opportunities for vehicle weight reduction and component integration, thus enhance the economy and power of


Medical Field

To provide a more complete and personalized solution for the medical biology industry, LuxCreo integrates scanning and rapid prototyping, increases more

secure in vitro observation, and provides more efficient treatment options, and  to improve treatment efficiency.

Industrial Robot Field

LuxCreo gives space to more creativity and design, swiftly materialize the parts. The evaluation of the delivery, appearance, and efficiency is simplified through the process, and the pace of robot commercialization is also accelerated. The goal is to improve the efficiency of development and production and has been

reached by LuxCreo’s LEAP™ technology.

Aerospace Field

LuxCreo can significantly reduce the R&D costs in aerospace equipment, achieve

the creation and manufacture of complex geometries, enhance the

manufacturing and remanufacturing capabilities of components, improve the

utilization rate of raw materials, reduce structural weight, and achieve weight



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